Do you want to connect with yourself and Spirit in a facilitated high frequency session… Please reach out! We all have the ability to connect with the Universe. I needed someone who could guide me and now I want to return the gift of connection to you!

Online Psychic Medium Readings 100$ for 1 hr.

If you would like a reading, please contact me!

Author Bio:

Kaitlyn holds a masters degree in History from California Polytechnic State University and a bachelors degree in Feminist Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz. During her academic career she researched and wrote on topics such as (but not limited to): feminist studies, intersectionality, historiographies on gender, race, class, world history, and female spirituality.

Currently following inspirations, from nature and her study of different spiritual traditions, Kaitlyn has been guided to a lifelong calling–specifically working with individual to help them connect with self, others and Spirit. Not only has she felt guided to work with crystals, herbs, and her intuition–she has found her true calling as a medium.

Kaitlyn can connect organically to Spirit as well as call in Spirit for communication. She can’t wait to share these messages with you!

This service is my true soul calling and work I provide. No refunds. Tips are welcome!

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